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Spread the word about #CanisiusGivingDay on your personal social media platforms.
Post your own Canisius College story on Facebook, tweet why you give back, or post a selfie or picture from your time at Canisius and highlight what Canisius means to you!
Be sure to include #CanisiusGivingDay in your posts so others can see them!

Not sure what to say? We’ve made it easy for you!

Twitter Posts


  • Help write a Canisius story for a current Griff! Make your gift to @CanisiusCollege on 4.3.19. #CanisiusGivingDay

Day Of

  • Today is #CanisiusGivingDay! Let’s all come together – share our Canisius stories – and give back to help write a chapter in the storybooks of current Griffs.
  • #MyCanisiusStory began when ___________. My support of @CanisiusCollege today shows what Canisius means to me. Join me in supporting #CanisiusGivingDay and together WE CAN help write countless stories.
  • #CanisiusGivingDay is happening now! Whose story will you help write?
  • The more people who come together, the more stories WE CAN write. Make your gift now! #CanisiusGivingDay
  • [Insert your personal Canisius story.] This is #MyCanisiusStory! Join me in giving back today, so that the next generation of stories can be written.
  • #MyCanisiusStory began the day I become a Griff. And this campus became my home. That’s why I’m giving back to @CanisiusCollege today. Join me! #CanisiusGivingDay


  • Thank you to everyone who made #CanisiusGivingDay a success. Together, we proved that our stories are powerful, and thanks to YOU, countless stories can now be written.

Facebook Posts


  • My Canisius story began when [insert when your story began]! My story was possible thanks to the generosity of those who came before me. Please join me in giving back to Canisius on April 3, during the college’s 4th annual #CanisiusGivingDay. Together, WE CAN help write countless stories for current Griffs! #MyCanisiusStory #CanisiusGivingDay 

    Day Of

    • #MyCanisiusStory began the day I became a Griff. And this campus became my home. That’s why I’m giving back today! Join me!  [@ your former classmates] #CanisiusGivingDay
    • I just participated in #CanisiusGivingDay. #MyCanisiusStory is such an important chapter in my book, and I want current and future Griffs to have the same opportunities here that I did. #CanisiusGivingDay
    • Today is #CanisiusGivingDay! The more Griffs who come together, the more stories we can write. Join me in making a big difference.
    • Canisius means the world to me. It’s where I [met my spouse/ fell in love with XXXXX, traveled to XXXXX, etc.] It’s where a significant chapter of my book was written. Today, I’m proud to support Canisius to help write a chapter in the storybooks of current Griffs. Whose story will you help write? #CanisiusGivingDay #MyCanisiusStory
    • Every gift made to @CanisiusCollege on #CanisiusGivingDay will help write a chapter in the Canisius storybooks of current and future Griffs. Let’s all come together and celebrate our Canisius stories by helping to write someone else’s. #MyCanisiusStory


    • Because of YOU, #CanisiusGivingDay broke records. And more importantly, because of YOU, countless stories can now be written. 

    LinkedIn Posts

    Consider using LinkedIn to share the story of how Canisius prepared you for a successful career. Highlight internship opportunities and hands-on learning experiences that were afforded to you as a Canisius student. Don’t forget to use #MyCanisiusStory and #CanisiusGivingDay in your post. 

    • I just participated in #CanisiusGivingDay! Canisius is special to me because _________, and I want to help current students have the same experience I did. Support current and future Griffs by making a gift to the Canisius Fund today. #CanisiusGivingDay

    Instagram Content

    Join us in celebrating #CanisiusGivingDay on Instagram! Use Instagram to share your personal Canisius story (via posts or Instagram stories) to inspire others to give! Here’s some inspiration to get you started:

    • Did you meet your spouse at Canisius? 
    • Did you participate in a service-immersion trip that shaped your desire to serve?
    • Was there a professor that changed your life? Pushed you to be your best self, and helped you discover your passions? 
    • What transformed you? 
    • Post throwback photos that showcase your story.
    • Post a current picture that shows how Canisius helped you get where you are today.

    When posting on Instagram be sure to use the campaigns official hashtags, #CanisiusGivingDay and #MyCanisiusStory and encourage others to “spread the word” and support Giving Day by sharing the campaign URL: