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Be sure to include #CanisiusGivingDay and #MyCanisiusWish in your posts so others can see them!

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Twitter Posts


  • Canisius is 150! Celebrate with us on #CanisiusGivingDay by joining fellow Griffins in giving back to help pave the way for the next 150 years. Make your gift to @CanisiusCollege on 4.22.20.

Day Of

  • Today is #CanisiusGivingDay! Let's all come together – share our wish for alma mater – and give back to help pave the way for the next 150 years. #MyCanisiusWish
  • #MyCanisiusWish is ___________. Join me in supporting @Canisius_College on #CanisiusGivingDay and together WE CAN help make more wishes come true.
  • #CanisiusGivingDay is happening now! What is your wish for Canisius? #MyCanisiusWish
  • The more people who come together, the more wishes WE CAN make a reality. Make your gift now! #CanisiusGivingDay #MyCanisiusWish
  • [Insert your personal Canisius wish] This is #MyCanisiusWish! Join me in giving back today, so that we can witness the next 150 years of @Canisius_College.
  • So many of my wishes came true because of @Canisius_College and today I'm giving back so that current students can realize their own wishes! #MyCanisiusWish #CanisiusGivingDay
  • Getting older isn't all bad, especially when you have 150 years of academic excellence and leadership to celebrate! #CanisiusGivingDay is happening now and your gift will make an incredible impact.
  • Join me in celebrating 150 years of Canisius! Your gift today will ensure Canisius' future is bright and that current and future students receive all that we did. #CanisiusGivingDay #MyCanisiusWish
  • Canisius changed my life and I will forever be proud to be a Griff! Join me in giving back, today, on #CanisiusGIvingDay.
  • I just gave back to [area on campus you supported] on #CanisiusGivingDay! Here's to another 150 years, Canisius! #MyCanisiusWish


  • Thank you to everyone who gave back on #CanisiusGivingDay! Your generosity is already at work to make countless wishes come true!
  • Thank you to everyone who made #CanisiusGivingDay a success. Together, we begin to pave the way for Canisius' next 150 years!

Facebook Posts


  • This year is a big one for @CanisiusCollege! My wish for Canisius is [insert wish] and I'll be giving back on Wednesday, April 22 – the college's 5th annual #CanisiusGivingDay to make sure thousands of wishes come true! Here's to another 150 years, Canisius! #MyCanisiusWish

Day Of

  • Since the day I became a Griff, countless of my own personal and professional wishes have come true. Canisius made so many of these a reality and that's why I'm giving back today! Join me in helping to make more Canisius wishes come true! [@ your former classmates] #CanisiusGivingDay #MyCanisiusWish
  • #MyCanisius wish is [insert a wish for Canisius!]. I'm giving back today to ensure more opportunities and life-changing experiences are available to each and every Griffin! #CanisiusGivingDay
  • My wish for Canisius is [insert your wish!] and I just participated on #CanisiusGivingDay so it can come true. Here's to another 150 years, Canisius! #MyCanisiusWish
  • Today is #CanisiusGivingDay! The more Griffs who come together, the more wishes we can make a reality. Join me in making a big difference. #MyCanisiusWish
  • Canisius means the world to me! It's where I [met my spouse/ fell in love with XXXXX, traveled to XXXXX, etc.] It's where so many of my wishes for my life came true. Today, I'm proud to support Canisius to help make the wishes of current Griffs possible! #CanisiusGivingDay #MyCanisiusWish
  • Every gift made to @CanisiusCollege on #CanisiusGivingDay will help continue the excellence of a Canisius education, live out our Jesuit mission and provide life-changing experiences to each and every student! Let's all come together and celebrate what Canisius made possible in our lives and sure that continues for current and future Griffins! #MyCanisiusWish


  • Because of YOU, #CanisiusGivingDay broke records. And more importantly, because of YOU, countless wishes will come true. #MyCanisiusWish

LinkedIn Posts

Consider using LinkedIn to share the story of how Canisius prepared you for a successful career. Highlight internship opportunities and hands-on learning experiences that were afforded to you as a Canisius student. Don't forget to use #MyCanisiusWish and #CanisiusGivingDay in your post. 

  • I just participated in #CanisiusGivingDay! Canisius is special to me because _________, and I want to help current students have the same experience I did. Support current and future Griffs by making a gift to the Canisius Fund today. #CanisiusGivingDay
  • Every gift on 4.22.20 will help realize a wish of a current Griffin! Join me in making a big difference today. #CanisiusGivingDay #MyCanisiusWish
  • #MyCanisiusWish is [INSERT WISH FOR CANISIUS]. Join me in giving back today to continue the excellence of Canisius College for the next 150 years! #CanisiusGivingDay
  • Today is #CanisiusGivingDay and today is all about giving back to make sure the wishes of current Griffins come true! Canisius made so many of my own professional and personal wishes come true and today, I'm giving back to pay it forward! Join me in making a gift today. #MyCanisiusWish #CanisiusGivingDay

Instagram Content

Join us in celebrating #CanisiusGivingDay on Instagram! Use Instagram to share your personal Canisius story (via posts or Instagram stories) to inspire others to give! Here's some inspiration to get you started:

  • Did you meet your spouse at Canisius?
  • Did you participate in a service-immersion trip that shaped your desire to serve?
  • Was there a professor that changed your life? Pushed you to be your best self, and helped you discover your passions? 
  • What transformed you?
  • Post throwback photos that showcase your time as a student.
  • Post a current picture that shows how Canisius helped you get where you are today.

When posting on Instagram be sure to use the campaigns official hashtags, #CanisiusGivingDay and #MyCanisiusWish and encourage others to "spread the word" and support Giving Day by sharing the campaign URL: