A Message from the Chair

Dear Fellow Griffs,

        Nearly thirteen years ago I walked the stage at commencement and joined the alumni ranks. Since then, I’ve experienced first-hand the power of being part of this special alumni community. A community that cares deeply for and supports one another.

        This is why many of us come back to campus – and also why we give back. I began volunteering and contributing to the college because I am forever grateful for the education I received, the memories I made here and the extended family I’ve gained. With Giving Day 2021 I am happy to have yet another way to contribute – serving as campaign chair. 

        Giving Day is a 24-hour fundraising campaign where we can come together as One Canisius and collectively give back to support the current students who will one day join the alumni community. It’s a day for us to show our pride in being a Griffin and support the most urgent needs of the college while also giving back to the areas and programs that mean so much to us – the ones that define our time at the college.

        I hope you’ll join me in giving back on March 3 and demonstrating what it means to be One Canisius. Together we can make an incredible impact.

Go Griffs!

Anthony J. Limina ’08, MBA ’15
President, Alumni Association Board of Directors
Chair, Canisius Giving Day 2021