Giving Day Ambassadors

Ambassadors help spread the word through social media, make a gift in support of the areas on they love most, and encourage their former classmates and family to join them in giving back.
Giving Day is successful because of the energy, enthusiasm and support of our ambassadors. 

Step 1: Sign on as a Giving Day Ambassador!
Step 2: Check out the Ambassador Toolkit!
Step 3: Be ready to spread the word on social media on 3.3.21!
(We'll send email prompts leading up to and on Giving Day.)

We are proud to recognize and thank our 
2021 Giving Day Ambassadors! 

Anthony Ianni '95
Anthony J. Limina '08, MBA '15
Anthony J. Smaczniak '55
Anthony M. Kroese '14
Arnold F. Zdrojewski '73
Blake C. Linklater '02, MSED '11
Brandon T. Bielecki '16, MS '20
Courtney T. Sullivan MS '17
Daniel N. Hurley '07
Daniel W. Kuether '12
David M. Schofield '71
Edward J. Kelley '08
Elizabeth K. Kaforey '20
Gary M. Everett 
James D. Suter '88
Jeffrey E. Bogart '93
Jeffrey M. Spencer '17
John J. Pisano '08
John P. Lambert '70
John T. Kolaga '82
Karen A. Zgoda '97
Lauren Sformo Leavy '12
Lauryn T. Saldana '20
Mackenzie J. App '18
Margaret M. Eberl '95, MD
Mark J. Nigro MBA '88
Matthew J. Gorczyca '13, MS '15
Michael A. Giambra '74
Norman H. Wentland '64, MS '75
Patricia C. Beaulieu '18
Phillip B. Ciallela '07, MS '15
Ryan Schmelzer '18
Shawn Parkhurst '14, MS '15
Stephen C. Wawro '07
Steven J. Megerle '02
Summer L. Handzlik 
Thomas C. Kingston '71
Thomas F. Keenan '74, MBA '81
Valeri D. Dicosola '95
Virginia P. Smaczniak '83